WQ93131 (e) Tabled on 05/06/2024

What consideration has the Cabinet Secretary given to integrating bus and metro services across Cardiff using the new pay-as-you-go schemes appearing during the rollout of the metro, to improve ease of transferring services?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport | Answered on 13/06/2024

Due to technical differences between the ticketing equipment used by bus and rail operators, integration between the systems is not currently feasible. However, the advent of bus franchising will allow this to be overcome and preparation in the way how we align fare structures is already being undertaken.

Our ultimate intention will be to introduce multimodal Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) in Metro regions across bus/rail. Ahead of full integration, PAYG will be expanded across rail services in South East Wales, with separate schemes progressing for bus.

Fares structures for PAYG are being designed with future integration in mind, with zonal distance-based fares and daily/weekly fare capping both core to the customer proposition.