WQ93091 (w) Tabled on 04/06/2024

How much money does the Welsh Government pay to specifically fund student training places each year at the School of Dentistry, Cardiff University?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care | Answered on 13/06/2024

As described in WQ93090, the 2023-24 allocation for Dental Service Increment for Teaching (SIFT) paid to Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (CVUHB) is £12.943m. In addition to this, an annual payment as part of CVUHB’s core allocation of £0.820m is also provided. 

In addition to the funds allocated to CVUHB, Cardiff University receives an Expensive Subject Premium (ESP) for dentistry students – administered by HEFCW (soon to be The Commission for Tertiary Education and Research). This allocation of funding is made via the WG Education & Welsh Language MEG.

Costs are also paid from the Welsh Government in respect of additional Education costs, which include the following elements:

  • Expensive subject premium calculated on the basis of credits undertaken which form the clinical elements of the course.
  • High-cost subject premium calculated on the basis of credits undertaken which form the non-clinical elements of the course.

Both premiums recognise that provision in this area typically costs more to deliver than is covered by the student tuition fee of £9,000.

In academic year 2023/24, HEFCW’s total funding for dentistry through the two premia was £3.189m.

This funding is in addition to student tuition fees which are paid through Student Finance Wales, and any income from other sources (for example commercial activity) which institutions might use to subsidise student provision and services.

In order to calculate the cost per student, the totality of the costs above have been divided by student numbers, the equivalent of 385 student places across all years of study.  It should be noted that this information is provided from several different sources of funding that contribute to the overall costs.

Funding is not provided on an individual cost per student basis but based on the overall annual allocations, therefore some assumptions have been made using the total number of students to calculate individual costs. These figures should only be used with those caveats.

In academic year 2023/24, HEFCW’s total funding for was £3.189m, on a basis of 385 students, this equates to £8,283 per student. Given the non-recurring nature of the additional places, costs will vary slightly year on year as there will be a different number of students in the clinical part of the programme, but given the small numbers involved, the variation will be minor.

In addition to this the costs of providing Dental Foundation Training also need to be included, therefore the costs equate to approximately £0.363m per student for the 5 Year Standard Undergraduate Programme and £0.319m for the 4-year accelerated programme.

To note these figures are estimates only and do not include any element of Student support or NHS Bursary payments including tuition fee support or any of the tuition fee costs paid directly by the students themselves.