WQ92978 (e) Tabled on 22/05/2024

What options are available for councils to ensure that a missed payment towards council tax does not result in prolonged indebtedness for residents?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Cabinet Office | Answered on 24/05/2024

There is a range of support in place to help people who are finding it difficult to pay their council tax bills.  For example, the Welsh Government provides £244 million every year to support local authorities in delivering the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.  The scheme provides essential financial support to over 261,000 households, with 211,000 of the poorest households paying no council tax at all.  I urge anyone struggling to pay council tax to seek help from their local authority, who can help them to access the financial support they are entitled to, or contact Advicelink Cymru on 0800 702 2020.

The Welsh Government is also committed to ensuring the collection of council tax arrears is managed in a just and sensitive way.  We have committed to regulate by the end of this Senedd term to help households struggling in arrears by clarifying and improving the steps local authorities can take during the enforcement process. This will ensure we embed best practice in the treatment of households struggling the most, while ensuring those who can afford to contribute do so.