WQ92961 (e) Tabled on 21/05/2024

Will the Cabinet Secretary provide a breakdown of the subjects that Seren Graduates go onto study in university?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education | Answered on 31/05/2024

Course list detailing courses Seren Yr13 learners study at University in 2023:

ABHB Healthcare support

Access to HE - Biosciences

Access to Health

Access To HE-Medicine

Access to Medicine


Accounting and finance

Accounting and Finance and Business

Accounting and Finance with a Foundation Year

Accounts Apprenticeship (Cardiff)


Acting and Performance

Actuarial Maths


Addysg a Gofal Blynyddoedd Cynnar: Statws Ymarferydd Blynyddoedd Cynnar

Addysg Gynradd (3-11) gyda Statws Athro Cymwysedig

Addysg Gynradd gyda SAC

Adult Nursing

Adventure Sport Science

Advertising and Marketing Management

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautics and Astronautics


Agriculture (with Placement)

Agriculture and Animal Science

Agriculture with Business Management (with integrated year in industry)

Air Transport Management (Airline and Airport Specialist)

Anatomy and Human Biology

Ancient and Modern History

Ancient History

Ancient History and Archaeology

Ancient History and History

Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

Animal behaviour

Animal Biology

Animal Production Science


Animation (2D and Stop Motion)


Applied & Contemporary Theatre

Applied Medical Sciences

Applied Psycholgy

Applied science

Applied Software Engineering

Archaeology & Anthropology

Archaeology and Ancient History

Architectural Engineering


Art foundation

Astrophysics with a Year Abroad


Automotive Engineering

automotive materials

Baking, science and technology

Ballet Education

Banking and Finance

Bio med sci

Biochemical Engineering


Biochemistry and Human Biology

Biochemistry MSc

Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Biochemistry and Genetics

Bioengineering with a foundation yr

Biological and Medical Sciences

Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Biological Sciences with Professional Placement


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Science

Bio veterinary Science

Brunell - Sport Health and Exercise Science

BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence


Business and Management

Business and Management (Accounting) with Year Abroad

Business and Management (Marketing) (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Business and Management with Industrial Experience

Business Economics

Business Information Systems

Business Law

Business Management (Business Analytics)

Business Management (Enterprise and Innovation)

Business Management (Finance)

Business Management (Human Resource Management)

Business Management (International Management)

Business Management (Marketing)

Business Management with a European Language (French)

Business Management with a Professional Placement Year

Business Studies and Japanese

Cellular and Molecular Science

Chemical Engineering


Chemistry for Drug Discovery

Chemistry with Cosmetic Science

Chemistry with Forensic Investigation

Chemistry with Mathematics

Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

Child Nursing

Childhood and Youth Studies and Psychology

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil and Coastal Engineering

Civil and Railway Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History


Classics and English Literature

Clearing - Hartpury

Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology

Combined Honours in Social Sciences

Comic & Concept Art (with Integrated Foundation & Professional Practice Years)

Communication and Media and Game Design Studies

Computer Science

Computer Animation

Computer Animation Technical Arts

Computer Forensics

Computer Game Design

Computer Games (Art)

Computer Games Design & Programming

Computer Games Design and Development 

Computer Science

Computer Science & Mathematics

Computer Science (with a Year in Industry)

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence MComp

Computer Science and Neuroscience

Computer Science BSc

Computer Science MComp

Computer Science with Software Development

Computer/cyber security

Computing with Creative Design (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology and Ecology

Creative Writing.


Criminology & Psychology

Criminology & Sociology with a Yr Abroad

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice with a Year in Industry

Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology

Criminology and Criminal Psychology

Criminology and Forensic Studies

Criminology and Law

Criminology and Psychology

Criminology and Sociology

Criminology with Forensic Investigation  

Criminology with professional placement

Criminology with Study Abroad

Culinary Arts Management with Foundation Year

Culture, Media & Creative Industries

Cyber Security (professional placement year)

Cyber Security with Digital Forensics


Cymraeg (i fyfyrwyr iaith gyntaf ac ail iaith)

Cymraeg / Cysylltiadau Rhyngwladol

Cymraeg a chymdeithaseg

Cymraeg a Hanes

Cymraeg a Newyddiadeth

Cymraeg, Theatr a'r Cyfryngau

Dental Surgery


Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering

Diagnostic Radiography

Diagnostic Radiography & Imaging

Drama - Musical Theatre

Drama and Film & Television Studies with Study Abroad

Drama and Film Television Studies

Drama, Applied Theatre and Education

Earth and environmental sci

Earth Sciences

Ecology and Conservation

Ecology With Conservation Biology With Placement Year


Economics & Finance

Economics (3 Years or 4 Years including Foundation)

Economics a Philosophy

Economics and Finance with Industrial Experience

Economics and Finance with Professional Year Placement

Economics and Management Studies

Economics and Mathematics

Economics and Politics

Economics with Finance

Economics with German


Education / Teaching

Education and Primary Studies

Education and Psychology

Education Studies: Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion

Education with Psychology with professional placement


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Sandwich)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Experience

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Engineering and Architectural Design

Engineering and physical sciences

Engineering Design

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

Engineering Mathematics


English & History

English and French

English and German Law (4 years)

English and philosophy

English and Politics

English Language and Literature

English Language and Spanish

English Literature

English Literature & Creative writing

English Literature and American Studies

English Literature and Film Studies

English Literature and History

English, Media and Cultural Studies

Environmental Geography

Environment & Business

Environment and Sustainable Development with Economics

Environmental Geoscience

Environmental Science

Environmental Science and the Climate Emergency (Single) with a Year in Industry

Equine Sports Science

European Social and Political Studies (4 yrs)

European Studies: German Pathway

Events Management

Experimental Psychology

Fashion Business and Marketing

Fashion Buying and Brand Management

Fashion Communication

Fashion Design

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing Management

Fashion Marketing Management (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Fast track Chemistry A level to apply for Dentistry


Film & TV (Swansea College of Art)

Film and English

Film and Television Studies

Film Production

Film Studies and Screenwriting

Film TV and Stage Design

Film, Television and Production


Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics with a Professional Placement Year

Fine Art

Food Science and Nutrition

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Investigation

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice

Forensic Science

Forensic Science with Criminology

Foundation Acting (Stage & Screen)


French / International Relations

French and Beginners' Russian

French and English Literature

French and Linguistics

French and Philosophy

French and Portuguese

French Horn

Game Design

Games development

Games Technology



Geography and Oceanography

Geography and Sport Science (with placement year)

Geography BSc

Geography with Study Abroad



German and Beginners' Portuguese

German and Linguistics

German and Scandinavian


Global Law

Graphic Design

Health and Social Care

Health Science

Health Sciences with Foundation Year

History & Archaeology

History & Politics

History and Archaeology

History and International Relations with a Year Abroad

History and Political Economy

History and Politics

History and Politics of the Americas

History and Sociology

History of Art

History of Wales

History/English Literature

History/Politics (Equal)

Human and Social Studies

Human Biology

Human Neuroscience

Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Human Nutrition and Dietetics (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Human Sciences

Human, Social, Political Sciences



Integrated Design Engineering

Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Interactive Media

Interior Architecture

Interior Design

Interior Design/Architecture

International Relations

International Business

International Business (German)

International Business and Management with a Modern Language with Year Abroad

International Business and Management with Year Abroad

International Business Management and French

International History and Politics

International Management

International Management + German

International Politics & Language (French beginner)

International Relations

International Relations and History

International relations and Politics

International Relations with Employment Experience

International Tourism Management

Italian & Spanish

Journalism and Communications

Journalism, Media and English Literature

Journalism: Broadcast

Korean Studies

L aw with International Study

Landscape Architecture

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics


Law & Criminal Justice

Law and Criminology

Law and Cymraeg Proffesiynol

Law and European Study

Law and French

Law and International Relations

Law and Politics (Integrated)

Law and Spanish

Law with Business

Law with History

Law with Psychology

Leading Edge Flight School - BSc in Aviation Management

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts and Sciences


Make-Up for Media and Performance


Management with Marketing with work placement

Marine and Freshwater Biology

Marine Biology

Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology

Marine Biology and Oceanography

Marine Biology and Zoology

Marine Geography


Marketing with year in industry

Master of Chiropractice

Masters - Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Materials Science

Materials Science and Engineering with a Year in Industry

Materials, Science and Engineering

Mathematical and Theoretical Physics


Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Computer Science with an Industrial Year

Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics and Sport Science

Mathematics and Statistics 

Mathematics with Actuarial Science

Mathematics with Economics (with placement year)

Mathematics with Finance

Mathematics With Financial Mathematics

Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics

Maths and Computer Science with professional placement

Maths and Physics

Maths and Physiology

Maths and Statistics

Maths with Actuarial Science

Mech Eng with yr in N America

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance

Mechatronics and Robotic Systems


Media and Communication Studies

Media and English Literature

Media Communications

Media Production

Media, Journalism & Culture

Media, Journalism and Publishing

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biosciences (microbiology)

Medical Engineering

Medical Genetics

Medical Pharmacology

Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences with Professional Training

Medicinal Chemistry


Medicine - MBChB Standard entry

Medieval and Early Modern History

Mental Health Nursing



Midwifery: Registered Midwife

Modern and Contemporary History

Modern and Medieval Languages

Modern European Languages and History

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Languages

Modern Languages (French Advance and Spanish Beginner)

Modern Languages (French) and Linguistics

Modern Languages and Cultures

Modern Languages and History

Modern Languages and Politics

Modern Languages and Translation

Money, Banking and Finance

Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport Engineering with Foundation Year

MPharm with foundation


Musical Theatre

Music & Audio Production

Music and Audio Technology

Music and Sound Recording

Music and Technology

Music Business

Music/Popular Music


Neuroscience and Psychology

Northern School of Art - Costume Design


Nursing - children

Nursing (Adult)

Nursing (Learning Disabilities)

Nursing (Mental Health)

Occupational Health


Operating Department Practice



Paramedic Science


Performing Arts


Pharmaceutical chem


Pharmacology with Modern Language

Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy

Pharmacy MPharm


Philosophy and MFL

Philosophy and Politics

Philosophy and Sociology

Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy with Psychology

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Physical Education

Physical Geography


Physics and Astrophysics

Physics and Philosophy

Physics with Astronomy

Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology

Physics with Planetary and Space Physics

Physics with Theoretical Physics

Physiological Science


Physiotherapy and Integrated Master's

Plant Biology

Plant Science

Podiatry (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Policing and Criminal Investigation (with a Placement Year)


Politics & French

Politics & International Relations

Politics and Communication Studies

Politics and Economics

Politics and Economics

Politics and Modern History

Politics and Philosophy

Politics and Sociology

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL)

Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Popular and Commercial Music

Population Health and Medical Sciences


Primary Education

Product Design

Product Design and Technology

Professional Policing (3 years or 4 years with Foundation)

Psychology (with integrated year studying abroad)

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Psychology and Criminology

Psychology and Education

Psychology and Linguistics

Psychology and Psychological Practice

Psychology and Sociology (Professional Placement Year)

Psychology integrated Masters

Psychology with Criminology

Psychology with Education

Psychology with Forensic Investigation


Quantity surveying


Radiotherapy and Oncology

Religion and Theology with Study Abroad

Religion, Politics

Religious Studies

Religious Studies and Philosophy


Set design and Production

Social Anthropology

Social Policy and Sociology

Social Science

Social Work


Sociology and Education

Sociology and Psychology

Sociology and Social Policy

Sociology with professional placement

Sociology with professional placement

Sociology with Psychology

Software Engineering (3 Years or 4 Years including Foundation)

Software Engineering with a year in industry


Speech and Language Therapy


Sport & Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Man

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage

Sport Exercise and Health Sciences

Sport Management

Sport Media

Sport Performance Analysis

Sport, PE

Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science

Sport, Physical Education and Health

Sports & Exercice Science

Sports & Exercice Therapy

Sports and Golf

Sports Coaching

sports development

Sports Psychology

Sports Science

Sports Therapy

Sports, Physical Education and Health

Stage Management

Stage Management and Technical Theatre

Surveying apprenticeship

Theatr Gerddorol

Theatre and Drama

Theatre and Performance Studies

Theology and Religion

Theoretical Physics

Translation and Interpreting with Modern Languages

Urban Planning and Development


Veterinary Bioscience (Clearing)

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine and Science

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Veterinary Physiotherapy


Welsh / Journalism

Welsh and Celtic Studies

Welsh and French

Welsh and Geography

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Health Science