WQ92857 (e) Tabled on 14/05/2024

In her oral statement on 14 May 2024, which reforms was the Cabinet Secretary referring to when she said that the Government has embarked on a significant package of reforms to transform the lives and opportunities of young people, and how are the outcomes of those reforms being monitored?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education | Answered on 22/05/2024

Our transformational reform agenda is key to achieving high standards and aspirations for all. It includes the roll out of the new Curriculum for Wales, Additional Learning Needs (ALN) reform, and our new approach to school evaluation, improvement, and accountability. This also includes the school improvement partnership programme, which is taking forward the findings of the strategic review of education partners in Wales.

These reforms require systemic and cultural change in practice, and we are closely monitoring their implementation.

Our Curriculum Evaluation Plan sets out a rigorous, transparent approach to evaluating the Curriculum for Wales, including how we will gather evidence from across the school system to understand how well the curriculum is serving all learners, regardless of background or needs.

There is a comprehensive programme of monitoring and evaluation of our ALN reforms, including a four-year formative evaluation of the implementation of the ALN system. The scoping report presents a theory of change for the reforms, summarises findings from a synthesis of existing evidence on Additional Learning Needs (ALN) system implementation, and articulates the plans and priorities for the next phases of the evaluation.