WQ92667 (e) Tabled on 29/04/2024

What information does the Welsh Government hold on the number of recipients of initial teacher education priority subject incentives who a) have entered; and b) remain in the teaching profession in Wales?

Answered by Cabinet Secretary for Education | Answered on 07/05/2024

The Welsh Government made changes to the Priority Subject incentive scheme for academic year (AY) 2022/23 so that a portion of the incentive would be paid on completion of an eligible teachers’ statutory induction period. The Priority Subject Incentive is paid over three instalments; one after the completion of a student teachers first term, one on award of Qualified Teacher Status and the final payment on completion of the Induction period. The award of QTS occurs at the end of a student teacher’s programme of initial teacher education. Most newly qualified teachers will then complete the statutory period of induction within one year.

As the refreshed incentive scheme only became available to student teachers in AY2022/23 most claimants under the scheme are expected to complete their induction at the end of summer term 2024 and claim the final part of the incentive over the summer break or autumn term 2024. For those undertaking part-time provision starting AY2022/23 they are expected to graduate and achieve QTS at the end of this academic year (AY2023/24) and complete induction the following year (summer / autumn 2025). As such we do not have the data yet for new teachers that studied from AY2022/23.

We do not have the data you have requested for those that entered initial teacher education prior to AY2022/23 however my officials are currently working with the Education Workforce Council to secure a data agreement to receive this information via a data linking exercise.