WQ92470 (e) Tabled on 15/04/2024

Is the Senedd Commission complying with the new recycling rules introduced by Welsh Government and if so, what date did compliance begin?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 08/05/2024

The Senedd Commission has been compliant with the core requirements introduced on 6 April and we have been working with our contractor to ensure recycled waste is collected in segregated streams as required by the new legislation. 

Whilst we have been recycling for a long time, and report our performance publicly in our Annual Report, we  always  take up opportunities to further improve our recycling rates.

We no longer send any waste to landfill, and have been recycling materials such as plastic, paper, card, and glass for many years.  Our food waste goes to an anaerobic digestion  facility, and we have a grease trap for kitchen effluent.

We have been awaiting confirmation from our  waste contractor about collection arrangements for the plastic & metal waste stream and the provision of a new exterior bin. 

The Estates and Facilities Management team have been conducting floor walks to fully roll out the change amongst Member offices and Commission staff areas . We have also put relevant information on the Members’ intranet. We will keep compliance under review, including analysis of participation rates across the offices, and would be happy to feedback results of this to the Member over the coming months.