WQ92282 (e) Tabled on 20/03/2024

How does the role of private prisons fit into the Welsh Government’s plans for the devolution of the justice system?

Answered by Counsel General (Use Original) | Answered on 09/04/2024

The Welsh Government is committed to pursuing the case for the devolution of justice and policing in its entirety. However, a change of this scale requires a phased approach, and this was supported by the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales who concluded that the devolution of justice will likely require some 10 years to deliver.

Our priority at this stage is developing our approach in those areas we have identified as suitable areas for early devolution, namely youth justice, probation and policing. There is an ongoing programme of work which will consider how devolved youth justice and probation services could interact with parts of the justice system that remain reserved in the shorter-term, including the prison service.

As we progress through our longer-term justice devolution implementation plan, we will also need consider how we would run other elements of the justice system, including a devolved prison service.