WQ91829 (e) Tabled on 07/03/2024

How does the Welsh Government intend to improve the provision of education on careers in the Welsh NHS in schools?

Answered by Minister for Education and the Welsh Language | Answered on 13/03/2024

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) actively engages with schools, colleges, universities, and partners to attract and increase awareness of the 350 job and career opportunities available within the Welsh NHS. HEIW’s web-platform Careersville/Tregfyra targeted at 8-25 years olds has a solid proven foundation in increasing knowledge of careers in health [Careersville (heiw.wales)].

In addition, engaging outreach career events for students’ and young people are hosted by HEIW both in person and online in conjunction with schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness about healthcare careers, provide information about educational pathways, and inspire young people to consider careers in the NHS.

Through grant funding HEIW is supporting dedicated widening participation projects for students and young people into careers and jobs in the NHS in Wales. The initiatives are designed to increase access and opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers within the healthcare sector. This includes efforts to attract, recruit, and support individuals who may be underrepresented in the healthcare workforce, such as those from low-income backgrounds, minority ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and those who are the first in their families to pursue higher education or healthcare careers.

By actively promoting widening participation in careers and jobs in the NHS in Wales, policymakers, educational institutions, and healthcare organisations aim to address workforce shortages, improve representation within the healthcare sector, and ensure that the NHS reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. These efforts also contribute to broader goals of social inclusion, economic development, and equitable access to opportunities for all individuals.