WQ91462 (e) Tabled on 21/02/2024

Does the Minister consider the 20mph speed limit policy to have been a success in light of the data from Transport for Wales that people are driving on average 4mph less than the original 30mph speed limit?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 28/02/2024

Preliminary data published by Transport for Wales shows that on average, drivers are driving 4mph slower than they were prior to the 20mph national roll out. 

It is encouraging at this early stage to see that average speeds have reduced, and the level of the reduction is in line with our expectations at this point. We anticipate that speeds will continue to reduce over time. Every 1mph reduction in speed makes a real difference – so this is a real turning point. 

The international evidence is clear, lower speeds saves lives – that’s fewer collisions, fewer deaths and fewer severe injuries, reducing the devastation to individuals and their families and the significant impact on the NHS and other emergency services.