WQ91304 (e) Tabled on 12/02/2024

Further to WQ90470, will the First Minister provide a list of the 52 unregulated bodies which voluntarily adhere to the Governance Code on Public Appointments?

Answered by First Minister | Answered on 19/02/2024

Adnodd / Bilingual Resource Company

Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (ADHB)

Audit Wales

Buildings Regulations Advisory Committee

Clean Air Advisory Panel

Consumer Council for Water (CCW)

Continuing NHS Healthcare Review Panels

Deputy Interim Environmental Protection Officer for Wales

Digital Public Services Board

Economy & Transport North Wales Ministerial Advisory Group

Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (EASC)

Enterprise Zone Advisory Boards

Environmental Government Assessor

Eradication Programme Board

Firefighters Pension Advisory Board

Flood & Coastal Erosion Committee

Food & Drink Industry Wales

Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone - Advisory Board

HSS National Expert Group

Human Tissue Authority

Independent Adjudicator

Independent Appeals on Rural Grants & Payments

Independent Assurance Panel for Housing Regulations

Independent Pay Review Panel Wales

(Industry Wales t/a) Sector Development Wales Partnership

Interim Environmental Protection Officer for Wales (IEPA)

Livestock Identification Advisory Group (LIDAG)

Ministerial Advisory Board

More Than Just Words

National Independent Safeguarding Board

National Infrastructure Commission for Wales

NHS Healthcare Review Panels

Ofcom Board Wales

RED - Renewable Energy

Regulatory Board for Wales

Road Infrastructure Review T&F Group

Ser Cymru

Social Partnership Council

TB Eradication Programme Board

TB Technical Advisory Group

Valuation Tribunal for Wales

Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group

Wales Coasts and Seas Partnership

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)

Welsh Marine and Fisheries Action Group

Welsh Food Advisory Committee (FSA in Wales)

Welsh Government – CADW

Welsh Government – board appointments

Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC)

Welsh Language Partnership Council

WGC HoldCo

Youth Work Strategy Implementation Board