WQ90018 (e) Tabled on 04/12/2023

Will the Senedd Commission provide a full breakdown of the anticipated future cost of providing sanitary products in the toilets in the Senedd and other buildings on the Senedd estate, and the budget for this scheme?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 20/12/2023

The costs for the first year’s provision of free sanitary products in toilets on the Senedd estate are £3,793.09.  The cost of the service is being funded from the £5,000 saving achieved by removing the sanitary product vending machines. 

As it is a free service in Commission and public areas on the Senedd estate, which varies in response to usage within staff areas and public areas according to visitor numbers, it is difficult to provide an accurate future estimate. However, based on the first year’s costs and if future usage is similar, the anticipated costs for the next year are expected to be in the region of £4,200pa.   The costs will continue to be offset by the savings realised from the removal of the leased vending machines which are no longer required. Usage and stocks will continue to be closely monitored over the next year.    

The costs for next year, with similar usage and some contingency added, can be broken down as follows:

  • purchase of stock – Approx £2,600
  • rental of additional sanitary bins – Approx £1,400
  • administrative cost - £152