WQ90017 (e) Tabled on 04/12/2023

Will the Senedd Commission provide a full breakdown of the total cost so far for the sanitary products provided in the toilets in the Senedd and other buildings on the Senedd estate?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 20/12/2023

To date free sanitary products have been provided on the Senedd estate for 12 months in response to a proposal from Trade Union Side colleagues to promote period dignity across Wales.

The cost of the service is currently being funded from the £5,000 saving achieved by removing the previously leased sanitary product vending machines.  The current usage is lower than the previous cost of leasing the vending machines.

The costs of providing the service to date are £3,793.09 This includes the purchase of stock at £2,406.05, rental of additional sanitary bins at £1,235.04, and an administrative cost of £152 paid to the external cleaning contractor who manage the provision and replenishment of products across the estate.

The cost does not include remaining stock held on site which is retained for future use (the Senedd is only charged for stock once used).  The Commission will continue to actively monitor the costs of this service over the next year based on usage, including numbers of visitors to the estate, and provision of supplies.