WQ89683 (e) Tabled on 20/11/2023

Will the Minister confirm that learners with complex ALN whose needs cannot be met by their regional further education institution will not be disadvantaged by statutory guidance in the ALN Code and that all learners with learning difficulties and disabilities will have equal access to post-school further education and training?

Answered by Minister for Education and the Welsh Language | Answered on 28/11/2023

The intention underlying the ALN system is to give all young people with ALN equitable access to education or training, compared to young people who do not have ALN.

The Welsh Government wants to make further education accessible to as many young people as possible, so they can access education or training without the need to leave their local area. In rare cases where local mainstream provision is not able to meet a young person’s complex needs a local authority may consider programmes of study at other institutions. Chapter 17 of the ALN Code deals with the duties on local authorities in relation to young people not at a maintained school or further education institution.