WQ88997 (e) Tabled on 08/09/2023

Will the Minister provide an update on progress towards mandatory food-waste reporting in Wales?

Answered by Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 18/09/2023

We collect municipal waste data from local authorities via WasteDataFlow on a quarterly basis, which includes how much food waste is collected for recycling. This data is published via Stats Wales and we also make publicly available the destination of municipal waste via My Recycling Wales, which is the only such website in the UK.


We recently published the Compositional Analysis of Municipal waste and Litter, which shows how much edible and inedible food is in our food waste caddies and residual bins.


The Welsh Government are signatories of Courtauld 2030, the UK voluntary agreement which sets targets for food waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. A UK level update is due later this year.