WQ88810 (e) Tabled on 09/08/2023

How does the Welsh Government intend to take forward possible legislative recommendations from the Agricultural Tenancy Working Group particularly in respect of changes to the Rules of Good Husbandry and the definition of agriculture as they apply to agricultural tenancies?

Answered by Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd | Answered on 21/08/2023

We remain of the view such amendments are not necessary given the non-exhaustive nature of the current agriculture definitions and the broader context within which good husbandry should be considered.  New dispute resolutions provisions will assist those tenants whose agreements contain user clauses restricting their ability to take part in future schemes or comply with statutory obligations.

We will continue to work with the group during the development of the Sustainable Farming Scheme to ensure their views are considered in the scheme design and guidance.