WQ88782 (e) Tabled on 02/08/2023

Will the Commission provide a list of shows and events that it has, or will, have a stand at to promote the work of the Welsh Parliament from 1 May 2023 to 1 September 2023?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 11/08/2023

For this year’s summer shows programme, we have sought to attend a wider range of events to enable us to engage with more diverse audiences. During this period the Senedd has had a presence at the following events and shows:

-       URDD Eisteddfod

-       Pride Cymru

-       Urban Games

-       Royal Welsh Show

-       National Eisteddfod

-       Butetown Carnival

Our presence at these events and shows sees us deliver a range of engagement activity including events, exhibitions, workshops, and engaging in conversations to raise awareness and understanding of the Senedd’s work, the work of the Senedd’s committees, and Welsh Youth Parliament. Where possible we also seek to encourage contributions to consultations.  We have engaged with 3,078 people across the URDD Eisteddfod, Urban Games, and Royal Welsh Show.