WQ88258 (e) Tabled on 17/05/2023

What assessment has the Counsel General made regarding turnout in Senedd elections never reaching 50 per cent?

Answered by Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution | Answered on 24/05/2023

The Welsh Government is committed to ensuring that the people of Wales can access and take part in our electoral system. Through the reform proposals set out in our October 2022 Electoral Administration and Reform White Paper, we are taking the steps necessary to create a more democratically active and engaged society in Wales.

Having enfranchised more people than ever to take part in devolved elections, we are now working to encourage participation to ensure as many voices to be heard as possible.  Democratic Engagement Grant funding to engage typically disengaged groups, work in our new curriculum to ensure learners understand and exercise their democratic rights, and reforming our electoral processes to make elections more accessible all demonstrate our commitment to a healthy democracy.

The Welsh Government is one actor in this area. It is a shared responsibility of all democratic institutions, elected representatives, political parties and wider civil society organisations to encourage engagement with democracy and participation in future elections.