WQ88015 (e) Tabled on 13/04/2023

Who in the Senedd Commission has responsibility for guidance on menopause at work?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 05/05/2023

Joyce Watson MS on behalf of the Senedd Commission:

The Senedd Commission’s HR Service has responsibility for the menopause guidance, in conjunction with the Commission’s Workplace Equality Network for women, the Inspire Network.

An estimated 75-80% of menopausal women are in work.  Research suggests that the majority of women who are going through the menopause are not comfortable discussing their menopause related concerns with their line manager or asking for any adjustments to be made.

The guidance the Commission has in place sets out how to support women who are going through this transition, whilst in the workplace.

The guidance covers different experiences of the menopause, including disabled people, people from ethnic minorities, impact on men / partners of those going through the menopause, and trans people.  

The Organisational Development and Learning team ran two sessions last October through our Interparliamentary Inclusion Month and will be offering the same again in October 2023. These sessions are open to all Senedd Commission staff and cover both personal experience and guidance for line managers.

We also have a similar session planned as part of our Interparliamentary Learning at Work Week in May. This session is also offered to all Senedd Commission staff but focuses on managing effects of menopause.

Likewise, guidance is available for Members and their staff on the Members’ Intranet and ‘Menopause at Work’ awareness sessions can be arranged by the Member Learning and Engagement team. This is in addition to our ‘wellbeing at work’ package which contains sessions that would be supportive to those experiencing menopause.

Commission Workplace Equality Networks are available to Members of the Senedd, Members Support Staff, Commission staff and employees of our on-site contractors.