WQ87357 (e) Tabled on 03/02/2023

Will the Minister confirm what would meet the definition of the term ‘unacceptable adverse visual impacts’ as used in policy 18, point 2 of Future Wales, The National Plan 2040?

Answered by Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 10/02/2023

There is no definition of the term ‘unacceptable adverse visual impacts’ used in Future Wales Policy 18. Each proposal is site-specific and considered on its own individual merits, in accordance with relevant development plan policies, and other material considerations. The Developments of National Significance process will consider all of the relevant evidence and the views put forward by interested parties and will reach a view on the acceptability of the visual impact of a proposal (and all other relevant planning matters). A Planning and Environment Decisions Wales Planning Inspector will prepare a report for Welsh Ministers on the proposal setting out their findings and a recommendation. Welsh Ministers will consider this recommendation and determine the proposal.