WQ87307 (w) Tabled on 31/01/2023

What amendments has the Welsh Government asked the UK Government to table to the UK Procurement Bill?

Answered by Minister for Finance and Local Government | Answered on 10/02/2023

We have engaged extensively with the UK Government throughout the development of the Procurement Bill. Officials have extensively influenced the content of the bill through detailed discussions to ensure appropriate processes and policy are reflected in the provisions. The specific amendments we have asked the UK Government to table include:

  • An amendment to the definition of a devolved Welsh authority.
  • An amendment in relation to the commencement powers contained within the Bill.
  • An amendment to the powers to make consequential provisions to reflect powers for Welsh Ministers in the area.
  • An amendment for a disapplication power for the Welsh Ministers to make regulations equivalent to the power of the UK Government in relation to healthcare services.
  • An amendment which has the effect of ensuring that a Welsh contracting authority’s duty to have regard to the Wales Procurement Policy Statement will not be enforceable in civil proceedings.