WQ87214 (e) Tabled on 23/01/2023

Further to WQ85658, what discussions, which specifically did not relate to the COVID-19 statutory sick pay enhancement scheme, has the Minister had with UK Ministers regarding ensuring sick pay parity amongst employees working in care companies?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Social Services | Answered on 27/01/2023

Ahead of the UK Government Spring Budget the Minister for Finance and Local Government has pressed for a meeting of the Finance: Inter-ministerial Standing Committee, which will take place next month, and will also be writing to the Chancellor to outline Welsh Government priorities. In both instances we will be reiterating our previous ask of the UK Government to provide the necessary support to protect public services and respond to the inflationary, pay, and other cost pressures.

Last autumn the Social Care Fair Work Forum met to consider opportunities to improve sick pay in the social care sector. The Forum has recently written to the Minister for Health and Social Services and I making recommendations on short, medium and long term action and these recommendations are currently being considered by officials. However it is clear that without proper investment from the UK Government during this time of acute financial pressure across all public sectors, we will not be in a position to progress anything which would make any real and meaningful impact on staff when they need it most.