WQ86715 (w) Tabled on 15/11/2022

Why did no Welsh Government Ministers attend COP27?

Answered by Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 22/11/2022

As there were heightened security risks, Welsh Ministers were not able to attend and continue Ministerial business whilst at COP27. Ministers continue to deliver on our climate obligations, but we are also delivering on the cost-of-living crisis. Consequently, this year, Wales was represented by officials and wider Welsh stakeholders. These stakeholders included NFU Cymru, the Future Generations Commissioner, and Swansea University. The Welsh Government has continued to work internationally on climate change through partnerships such as the Under2Coalition and the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance.

The unlike COP26, the focus of COP27 was on implementation of previous decisions rather than making new decisions. I  will attend the biodiversity COP15 at the end of this year in Canada. Important decisions will be taken at COP15 and therefore, it will be more impactful to have a Ministerial presence. I will have an opportunity to speak with other nations on the importance of addressing the nature emergency, which bears just as big as a threat to our life quality on planet earth as climate change. COP15 will provide the opportunity for all countries to convene and agree a new post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

I will be able to highlight our work to meet the 30x30 target described in the draft GBF – to protect and effectively manage at least 30% of our land, freshwater and sea for nature by 2030.

Additionally, COP15 coincides with Wales in Canada 2022, a year-long campaign to celebrate the growing connections between Wales and Canada – raising Wales’s profile across the Atlantic, learning and engaging with Canada and creating new opportunities for us to work together.