WQ85947 (e) Tabled on 24/08/2022

Will the Minister provide an update on the Welsh Government's work to restrict the use of cages for farmed animals, as set out in the programme for government and Animal Welfare Plan for Wales 2021-26?

Answered by Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd | Answered on 06/09/2022

As one of our Programme for Government commitments, we will restrict the use of cages for farmed animals. We are working collaboratively with other administrations to examine the use of enriched cages for laying hens, farrowing crates for pigs and breeding cages for gamebirds. We are looking closely at how and where they are used, alongside the animal welfare impacts of both existing and alternative systems. While animal welfare is our priority, we are also considering the impacts of changes on the industry, including the commercial availability of alternative systems, as well as impacts on consumers, the environment and trade.