WQ85853 (e) Tabled on 03/08/2022

What assessment has the Welsh Government made of the extent to which e-cigarettes have helped people in Wales to stop smoking?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing | Answered on 12/08/2022

As we take forward our Tobacco Control Delivery Plan 2022-24, Towards a Smoke-Free Wales we will be exploring the role of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products for smoking cessation as a priority action. As part of this work, we intend to look closely at what we can do to ensure adequate safeguards are built into our systems to prevent children, young people, and non-smokers from using these products, whilst still recognising that e-cigarettes can be useful to some people to help them to quit smoking tobacco. Supporting future generations to have a smoke-free childhood is a key part of our ambition for a smoke-free Wales.