WQ85810 (e) Tabled on 27/07/2022

What work is the Welsh Government doing to ensure that same-sex couples in Wales will be able to have access to IVF on the NHS, just as opposite-sex couples are able to do?

Answered by Minister for Health and Social Services | Answered on 29/07/2022

We believe in a fair and equal Wales, where anyone who wants to have a family can access the clinical support they need to achieve that goal.

Fertility treatment is provided on the NHS but certain criteria have to be met e.g. age, BMI, existing children. Where there is a clinical need, the entire fertility process is free on the NHS – irrespective of sexuality or relationship status.

Before IVF is provided, same-sex couples are offered NHS-funded artificial insemination (AI). Opposite-sex couples are asked to try to conceive naturally. IVF is only available when experiencing fertility problems, including same-sex couples struggling to conceive through AI. Same sex female couples are offered AI, same sex male couples would need to go down the surrogate route. This is also offered to single females as well as opposite-sex couples who are unable to conceive naturally i.e. where one of the parties has a disability they may also be offered AI.

In Wales, responsibility for fertility policy sits with Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC). WHSCC are currently reviewing this policy.