WQ85800 (e) Tabled on 19/07/2022

What discussions has the Minister had with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and other agencies regarding mental health provisions across Cardiff?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing | Answered on 28/07/2022

I have regular meetings with the Vice Chairs of all local health boards to discuss all aspects of mental health provision in their areas. In addition, I have met with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board on three occasions to discuss the performance of NHS provided mental health services. During these meetings we discussed the challenges facing mental health services in the area, the significant investment we are making in the recovery of services and the health boards plans for ongoing improvement. The NHS Delivery Unit and officials also meet with all health boards monthly to review the quality and delivery of services, including mental health services.

On July 20, I visited the Cardiff and Vale Recovery and Well-being College which provides free educational courses on a range of mental health, physical health and well-being topics. The college is designed to provide an education approach for people with mental health issues, their carers and the staff involved with their care. Courses are focused on mental health and wellbeing issues such as understanding anxiety, peer mentoring, wellbeing, physical activity, and employment skills.

The health board provide a range of innovative approaches including the Primary Care Counselling Service and their peer-led support services.

In respect of non-NHS led mental health services, the health board provides updates to the Welsh Government on how it is working with other agencies, including the third sector, to improve mental health support. These updates are provided as part of the process for receiving additional Welsh Government Mental Health Service Improvement Funding and as part of the health board’s delivery of our2019-22 Together for Mental Health Delivery Plan.