WQ85783 (e) Tabled on 15/07/2022

Will the Minister provide an update following the statement by the Trefnydd on 14 June 2022 about the request for a four-nations meeting to discuss the UK's Rwanda asylum policy?

Answered by Minister for Social Justice | Answered on 22/07/2022

I am extremely disappointed to have yet to receive a response from the Minister for Safe and Legal Migration Kevin Foster to my joint letter of 19 May. I sent a follow up letter to this request on 21 July expressing our strong opposition to the UK Government’s policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and repeated my request for a four-nations meeting.

The Welsh Government was not consulted about the UK Government’s policy to remove asylum seekers to Rwanda. We continue to express our disapproval at this policy, which is diametrically opposed to our Nation of Sanctuary approach here in Wales.