WQ85638 (e) Tabled on 30/06/2022

Will the Minister confirm the total number of refugees housed in refugee welcome centres within the first month of the centres opening, and the number of those who have since been rehoused?

Answered by Minister for Social Justice | Answered on 08/07/2022

Within the first month of opening, 121 people fleeing the war in Ukraine arrived in Welcome Centres funded by Welsh Government under our Super Sponsor scheme.  Of those 121, 20 have since moved-on into accommodation in communities.

This is operational data up to the 1st of July.

The first month is defined here as the month after the first person arrived at a Welcome Centre (8 April 2022) – so includes those who arrived between 8 April and 7 May 2022.

The current average length of stay is 41 days for those people who are currently staying at or who have moved-on from Welcome Centres.  These figures are based on operational data.