WQ85515 (e) Tabled on 14/06/2022

What work has the Minister been undertaking to ensure that LGBTQ+ spaces in Cardiff are supported and protected?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Social Partnership | Answered on 17/06/2022

Everyone has the right to be safe, to be themselves and to lead lives free from discrimination. As a government, we stand with all our LGBTQ+ communities and want to create a society where LGBTQ+ people are safe to live and to love authentically, openly, and freely as themselves.

We believe that all people, however they identify and wherever they reside, should be able to feel a sense of belonging, both to their community and to Wales.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, LGBTQ+ hospitality venues across Wales were offered a specific grant on top of additional support available. These venues are invaluable as inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals and as hubs for support and culture. They are also particularly vulnerable and diminishing in number. The closure of such businesses would lead to a significant void in our communities, which would be very difficult to replace.

Through our Community Facilities Programme, we have supported many community and voluntary sector organisations, including social enterprises, across Wales to maintain and improve their facilities. The focus of this capital funding programme is on increasing opportunity and developing communities where people are engaged and empowered. Some of these organisations offer services and spaces for LGBTQ+ groups and communities.

With the purpose of creating and sustaining spaces where LGBTQ+ people can feel safe, Welsh Government has also funded a series of LGBTQ+ training sessions to support organisations in Wales to be more inclusive and better represent LGBTQ+ heritage, history and literature.

Through our LGBTQ+ Action Plan, we aim to support and resource LGBTQ+ community groups and organisations across Wales to combat inequalities. The Action Plan is currently being refined following a public consultation.