WQ85479 (e) Tabled on 10/06/2022

What efforts have the Welsh Government made to improve value for money for taxpayers in the last calendar year?

Answered by Minister for Finance and Local Government | Answered on 20/06/2022

The Welsh Government continues to prioritise value for money in all of our policy interventions.  It is an integral part of our financial processes and is a key consideration for each Minister, in managing their own portfolios.

Over the last year, pressure on budgets has intensified as a result of the pandemic and higher inflation.  This has reinforced our focus on value for money.

Ensuring we achieve value for money and effectiveness of our spending is crucial for those delivering public services in Wales.  Welsh Government follows the governance requirements of Managing Welsh Public Money, which puts the need to secure value for money at the heart of decision making. 

In addition, value for money is rigorously enforced by strict adherence to accounting officer principles and observance of the principles detailed in HM Treasury’s Green Book.