WQ84761 (e) Tabled on 11/03/2022

What action is the Welsh Government taking to empower communities to protect community assets?

Answered by Minister for Finance and Local Government | Answered on 17/03/2022

The Welsh Government is supportive of community owned and community run assets – green spaces as well as buildings – where this is appropriate.  We know that where community assets are operated by the communities they serve this can help those communities to feel empowered.  Many community assets act as a focus for community activity, create jobs and volunteering opportunities and improve health and wellbeing.

The Welsh Government’s own research (Community Asset Transfer | GOV.WALES) advocates public bodies and transferees working together to improve the process and increase the likelihood of success. It found that transfers are more likely to be successful where the transferring authority provides support during and after the transfer process.

Ystadau Cymru (Ystadau Cymru | GOV.WALES) has published a suite of detailed guidance documents to support the transfer of publicly owned assets to community groups. These include examples of good practice in Wales.

The Welsh Government provides financial support to help communities take ownership of assets. The Community Asset Loan Fund, operated on our behalf by WCVA, (Community Asset Loan Fund - WCVA) provides long term loans to incorporated community groups seeking to purchase community assets.  This new scheme complements our well established Community Facilities Programme.  

The Community Facilities Programme (Community Facilities Programme | GOV.WALES) provides capital grants to help community groups to purchase or improve well used and much needed community assets. The CFP has provided over £40m to more than 280 communities across Wales since it opened in 2015.