WQ84358 (e) Tabled on 26/01/2022

How will the Welsh Government respond to the call from professionals to review current policies around the area of substance misuse recovery, criminality and mental ill-health?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Social Services | Answered on 04/02/2022

The Together for Mental Health and Substance Misuse Delivery Plans 2019-2022 set out our approach and both commit to working to support those with co-occurring conditions. We have established a Deep Dive Group to support our approach and is also considering the needs of those in the criminal justice system. In addition we will shortly be consulting on a new Substance Misuse Treatment Framework for Prisoners and Prison Mental Health Standards. Whilst  criminal justice is not devolved, we work closely with partners in Wales where we can jointly improve outcomes for those people involved in the criminal justice system. 

Opinion Research Services (ORS) have been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the existing all-age 2012-2022 Together for Mental Health and Talk to Me 2 Strategies and the three associated delivery plans. The evaluation will consider how well the strategy’s vision has been implemented and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will also make recommendations for the development of the next strategy. There will be a programme of stakeholder events to enable all stakeholders to contribute to both the evaluation of the strategy and the forthcoming strategy which will be subject to a formal consultation.