WQ84269 (e) Tabled on 18/01/2022

Will the Minister provide an update on the current advisory panel for the Welsh historic environment as set out in the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016?

Answered by Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, and Chief Whip | Answered on 24/01/2022

The Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 includes provision for an Advisory Panel for the Welsh Historic Environment. However, that provision has not been commenced.

Since the passage of that Act, an Internal Operating Board for Cadw — the Welsh Government’s historic environment service — was established in May 2019. Sitting on the Board are four independent external members appointed through a formal appointment process and Welsh Government representatives. The Board performs many of the roles that were envisaged for the Advisory Panel.

This has led to a reconsideration of the need for an Advisory Panel in addition to the Cadw Board. Consequently, the repeal of the Advisory Panel provision is being considered as part of the historic environment consolidation Bill.