WQ84080 (e) Tabled on 10/12/2021

What groups did Welsh Government consult in regards to the Curriculum for Wales, Relationships and Sexuality Education Statutory Guidance and Code glossary of terms?

Answered by Minister for Education and the Welsh Language | Answered on 21/12/2021

The now agreed Relationships Sexuality Education (RSE) Code has been developed by practitioners through a process of co-construction that has been supported by stakeholders within the RSE Working group and by experts.

A number of key national organisations supported the development of the RSE Code.  This included the NSPCC, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Estyn, Stonewall Cymru, Catholic Education Service, representatives of the Church in Wales’ education teams, Humanists UK, Public Health Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid, teaching unions – ASCL and NAHT.

A Faith / Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Community involvement group was established in January 2020, chaired by contractors. The group comprises of key community representatives who worked with Welsh Government in developing the draft RSE Statutory Guidance and Code and to help address community concerns regarding the teaching of RSE.

A range of consultations were undertaken relating to the Curriculum for Wales,

which also considered Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) over recent years as part of the development of the Curriculum for Wales framework:

  • Our National Mission: A Transformational Curriculum – proposals for a new legislative framework;
  • Draft guidance on Relationships and Sexuality Education 2019;
  • Ensuring access to the full curriculum 2019;
  • Draft Curriculum for Wales guidance 2019.

The consultation on the draft RSE Statutory Guidance and Code in May to July 2021 formed part of the co-construction process. It provided an opportunity for all practitioners and other stakeholders to offer input into the refinement of the guidance.  Over 850 responses were received, from practitioners, national groups, parents and carers, and children and young people. 

The Welsh Government also held specific focus groups with learners, parents and practitioners. All of this feedback formed the basis of the refinement of the RSE statutory guidance and code.

The glossary of terms within the Curriculum for Wales Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) statutory guidance and code was included by Welsh Government officials, taking account of the feedback from stakeholders, experts, practitioners and feedback from the wider public consultation