WQ84077 (e) Tabled on 10/12/2021

Further to WQ84036, will Plaid Cymru Members be referred by the First Minister, in consultation with the leader of Plaid Cymru, to an independent investigator in the event of a breach of the code for Plaid Cymru designated members participating in the Cooperation Agreement?

Answered by First Minister | Answered on 17/12/2021

Distribution of resources within the Central Services and Administration Main Expenditure Group are a matter for the Permanent Secretary and I have asked him to respond to you directly.

Use of the Welsh Government logo will depend on the circumstances and settings of any joint press conference. For example, the recent open air press conference on the steps of the Senedd did not include the logo, whereas a press conference in Cathays Park would.

As previously stated and set out in the Mechanisms document, I, in consultation with the Leader of Plaid Cymru, am the ultimate judge of compliance with the code.