WQ83594 (e) Tabled on 13/10/2021

Will the Minister outline what financial support from the Welsh Government is available for citizens seeking to make alterations to their properties in order to better defend them from flooding?

Answered by Minister for Climate Change | Answered on 16/11/2021

The Welsh Government encourages flood Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) to consider Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures where it is an appropriate option for reducing risk.

We do not provide grant funding to individual homeowners. We achieve better value for money and a more consistent standard of protection for properties by funding RMAs to deliver PFR measures, such as flood gates, on a community basis. The Welsh Government may also grant fund PFR as an interim measure to reduce risk in locations where a larger flood alleviation project will take some time to design and construct.

In 2020-21 we awarded £1.17 million in Caerphilly, RCT, Monmouthshire and Powys for PFR projects benefitting 594 homes. RCT are now working alongside NRW to offer a further 233 properties such measures this year (2021-22).

The Welsh Government also supports the ‘Build Back Better’ approach where the insurance industry are encouraging their members to improve the resilience of homes when reinstating repairs after flooding.

Flood Re are proposing the introduction of ‘discounted premiums’ to improve their current UK wide scheme, which helps homes at risk of flood secure insurance cover. This positive move will incentivise residents’ home improvements, to make their properties more resilient to future flooding by offering lower premiums.