WQ83541 (e) Tabled on 04/10/2021

What mechanisms are in place to audit the information provided by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and the Children's Commissioner for Wales?

Answered by Minister for Social Justice | Answered on 12/10/2021

Although funded by the Welsh Government, both the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales (FGCfW) and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales (CCfW) have corporation sole status. As such, the Welsh Government respects the Commissioners’ need to operate independently in order to exercise their statutory duties.

Due to this status, it is appropriate that the Commissioners establish their own accountability mechanisms. The Audit and Risk Assurance Committees for both Commissioners provide advice and assurance in respect of corporate governance, risk management and internal control within the Commissioner's office, and the adequacy of the internal and external audit arrangements.

Both Commissioners work with a Partnership Team in Welsh Government to ensure effective and appropriate working relations between the two organisations. However, these teams do not have any role in auditing the information produced by the Commissioners due to their operational independence from the Welsh Government. This is set out in the framework agreement and memorandum of understanding in place for the FGCfW and CCfW respectively.

The Commissioners must also submit an estimate of their annual income and expenses (including staffing) to Welsh Ministers which is subsequently laid before the Senedd.