WQ83253 (e) Tabled on 25/08/2021

What engagement did the Commission have with Members of the Senedd, political groups and their leaders prior to the appointment of Sir David Hanson to the Remuneration Board?

Answered by Senedd Commission | Answered on 07/09/2021

The process for appointing members to the Board is set out in the National Assembly for Wales (Remuneration) Measure 2010 (“the Measure”).  Schedule 2 to the Measure sets out that the Clerk is responsible for making arrangements for selecting candidates for appointment.  It stipulates that these arrangements must not involve participation by any person who appears to the Clerk to be likely to be affected by the exercise by the Board of any of its functions.

Following the resignation of a Board member, in June 2021, the Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd published arrangements for filling the vacancy, as required by the Measure. Senedd Commissioners were informed of this approach in advance of its publication. Members of the Senedd were informed by email on 18 June 2021.

The Measure also states that the Senedd Commission must appoint any person selected in accordance with such arrangements. This is to maintain the independence of the Board.

Senedd Commissioners were asked to confirm the appointment of the Right Honourable Sir David Hanson by email on 30 July 2021 (with a closing date for responses by 5 August 2021). This appointment was subsequently confirmed by Commissioners. Members of the Senedd were informed of this appointment by way of letter from the Clerk of the Senedd on 18 August 2021.