WQ82307 (w) Tabled on 19/03/2021

Will the Welsh Government publish the details of new jobs that have been funded in schools since the start of the pandemic?

Answered by Minister for Education | Answered on 26/03/2021

Working with our Local Authority partners, we have secured a full breakdown of the posts that have been funded through the Recruit, Recover and Raise Standards programme during autumn term 2020.  Across Wales the equivalent of 1,995.3 full time posts have been funded under the programme.  This total breaks down as: 615.4 FTE teachers, 1148 FTE TAs and 231.3 FTE other posts.  Of these posts, over 75% (1508.1) are reported by Local Authorities to be new.

The support package was provided at school level to allow for the creation of additional capacity to meet the demands of enhanced leaning and support in the context of COVID-19, and schools have been given the flexibility to allocate their funding in line with the particular needs of their learners.