WQ81805 (w) Tabled on 04/01/2021

Under what circumstances can people change their support bubble bearing in mind that people's relationship with partners and friends may change over time?

Answered by First Minister | Answered on 13/01/2021

Under the coronavirus restrictions regulations, if a household ceases to belong to a support bubble, the household may not agree to be treated as being in a support bubble with any other household.

The coronavirus restrictions have allowed extended households or support bubbles to be reformed in different configurations each time the regulations were replaced. This has included:

  • in September and October, going into Local Health Protection Areas;
  • in November, after the firebreak period;
  • in December, in the run-up to Christmas; and
  • after Christmas day.

Since Boxing Day, a person can only be part of an exclusive support bubble. A new bubble was possible on Boxing Day, but this should not now change. When we are able to move to alert level 3 people will be able to form a new extended household, but any existing single adult support bubbles must remain the same.

The Welsh Government keeps these requirements under review, including the ability to change their support bubble in light of changing circumstances. I will write to you if there is any further change.