WQ81591 (e) Member declared an interest Tabled on 19/11/2020

Given the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to consultation processes, what consideration has the Minister given to postponing the local government boundary reviews currently being undertaken across Wales?

Answered by Minister for Housing and Local Government | Answered on 26/11/2020

The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales (the Commission) has completed its work on 20 of the 22 reviews of the electoral arrangements within principal council areas across Wales.

Many of the consultation periods associated with specific reviews were undertaken prior to the start of the pandemic. For those reviews where consultation was not completed prior to the start of the pandemic, the Commission has taken steps to ensure individuals and organisations have been given the required period of time to submit their views. These arrangements have included, where appropriate, suspension and re-commencement of consultation periods.

Work on the remaining reviews is already well advanced, with the Commission on target to complete the reviews within the agreed timescale.