WQ81578 (e) Tabled on 17/11/2020

Will the First Minister confirm when a Welsh Minister last met with the US Congressional Friends of Wales Caucus?

Answered by First Minister | Answered on 23/11/2020

The former First Minister, Carwyn Jones MS, regularly co-hosted the annual receptions held by the US Congressional Friends of Wales Caucus to celebrate St David’s Day.

In February 2019, at the last meeting by a Welsh Minister with the Caucus, the former Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language, Eluned Morgan MS, co-hosted a St David’s Day reception with the Caucus on Capitol Hill as part of her visit to the United States. Guests included Members of Congress and staffers from both US political parties, along with key business contacts and members of the Welsh diaspora.

The Minister published a written statement about her visit to the US at https://gov.wales/written-statement-visit-north-america