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WQ81289 (w) Tabled on 15/10/2020

Will the First MInister provide the average amount of time and the range of time from the shortest to the longest for returning COVID-19 test results in Wales over the last month as of 14 October 2020?

Answered by First Minister Answered on 27/10/2020

Tests carried out in Wales are processed by both Lighthouse Labs and Public Health Wales-run laboratories.

The Member will be aware of the well-publicised issues affecting the Lighthouse Labs, which have impacted both the availability of tests and the length of time it takes to process tests and provide results.

Tests are undertaken in Wales for a variety of purposes. A significant volume of tests are undertaken for surveillance purposes, rather than because an individual has presented with symptoms of coronavirus. Some of the lower numbers in the table are concentrated in surveillance testing, where a rapid turnaround time is less important.

Latest statistics published for the week commencing 12th October 2020 show that, depending on the testing route, the percentage of results were as follows:

1 calendar day ranged from 5.6% to 82.0%.

2 calendar day ranged from 23.8% to 97.6%.

3 calendar day ranged from 50.1% to 99.3%.

The figures shown are measured from the date a sample is recorded as being collected to the time the result is authorised. It does not indicate how long it takes for an individual to receive their result from point of testing

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