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WQ81284 (e) Tabled on 15/10/2020

What evidence did the Welsh Government commission and assess before recommending banning the sale of alcohol at 10pm and will the Welsh Government publish any such evidence?

Answered by First Minister Answered on 23/10/2020

Local public health teams have reported issues with a deterioration of social distancing late at night, linked to alcohol consumption. Enforcement is also more difficult when people have consumed more alcohol. It is already well evidenced that alcohol consumption lowers inhibitions and increases risky behaviour. Evidence from our Test Trace Protect teams indicates difficulties for people to remember all the premises that they have visited during a night-out, which is crucial for contact tracing.

In discussions with local authorities and public health experts, including discussions across the UK, there was a clear consensus about the need to introduce limits on the sale of alcohol late at night. A cross-UK approach will also help avoid displacement across borders. We will keep this under review to consider whether it is effective and a proportionate response to control coronavirus.

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