WAQ78795 (e) Tabled on 04/09/2019

What was the estimated and budgeted associated total cost of the recall of the National Assembly in 2012 to debate council tax regulations?

Answered by Assembly Commission | Answered on 16/09/2019

The Assembly was recalled on Wednesday, 19 December 2012. This date fell into financial year 2012-13.

Detailed financial records relating to the Assembly Commission’s operational budget are held for the current financial year and the prior six financial years.

No financial information is therefore held on costs incurred from the Assembly Commission’s operational budget associated with this recall.

Additional travel costs for Members (funded from the Remuneration Board’s Determination) were incurred.  However, detailed records are no longer held.  Summary information about individual travel claims made by Members are published on the Allowances Database. These costs were funded from the Remuneration Board’s Determination budget rather than from the Assembly Commission’s operational budget.