WAQ77687 (w) Tabled on 04/01/2019

Will the Minister make a statement on how the Welsh Government ensures that the 21st century Schools fund grant allocation board does not undermine the Welsh Government's policy in the school organisation code of a presumption in favour of rural schools?

Answered by Minister for Education | Answered on 14/01/2019

There is a robust assessment process in place for business cases submitted in respect of 21st Century Schools and Education Programme investment. 

In the first instance, business cases are considered by a scrutiny group comprising officials from a wide cross section of Welsh Government policy departments.  This group includes representation from the department responsible for school organisation policy. 

Once the scrutiny group has considered a business case, a recommendation is made to the Programme Investment Panel, which comprises Directors and Deputy Directors from a range of Welsh Government Departments, including the Deputy Director who oversees school organisation policy.  This Panel makes investment recommendations for my consideration.

The broad membership of both the scrutiny group and the Investment Panel ensures that Welsh Government policy is reflected in any funding recommendations made.  In addition, any offer of Programme funding is also subject to the satisfactory completion of any relevant statutory procedures for school re-organisation.