OPIN-2024-0408 World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day 2024 (e) Tabled on 13/05/2024

This Senedd:
1. Notes that Crohn’s and colitis are serious chronic diseases affecting 1 in 127 people in Wales.
2. Regrets that these diseases are misunderstood, with symptoms like abdominal pain and fatigue frequently dismissed.
3. Notes that World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day on 19 May is an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of living with Crohn’s and colitis.
4. Welcomes Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s patient information and support, helping people better understand their diagnosis, medications, living with the condition and how it may affect their lives.
5. Encourages the Welsh Government to raise awareness amongst public and healthcare professionals to support earlier diagnosis.