OPIN-2024-0396 Sirhowy Crag: A Jewel in south Wales (e) Tabled on 12/03/2024

This Senedd:
1. Welcomes the action by the British Mountaineering Council to safeguard Sirhowy Crag by putting in a bid to purchase the site on behalf of the climbing community.
2. Notes that:
a) Sirhowy Crag, a Sandstone climbing destination, has over 5000 logged climbs; 79 routes, and has been a cherished spot for climbers over the years;
b) ownership by the British Mountaineering Council would ensure the registration of the land as open access, securing it for climbers in perpetuity; and
c) local climbers would have a role in managing the site, improving infrastructure, enhancing habitats, and demonstrating responsible stewardship.