OPIN-2022-0315 Respect for Shopworkers Week 2022 (e) Member declared an interest Tabled on 09/11/2022

This Senedd:

1. Recognises the retail sector accounts for 5.9 per cent of Welsh GVA and employs 120,000 people.

2. Notes the findings of a recent survey by Retail Trust of retail staff:

a) one in three is abused weekly;

b) two-thirds think verbal/physical attacks have become worse in the last two years;

c) many have suffered stress or anxiety or considered quitting their jobs;

d) a quarter don’t report incidents.

3. Recognises Monday 14 November 2022 is the start of USDAW’s annual Respect for Shopworkers Week.

4. Supports USDAW’s call that retail staff ‘report it to sort it’ instead of suffering in silence.